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Links   When I'm not pedalling cars, I'm a National Cycling Instructor. Darren Fells and Wendy Elliot of Pedal Power Training Ltd run a highly professional operation.  First choice for cycle training.  First Aid courses to suit everyone, run by the excellent and very personable Steve Parry - highly recommended.

SELOC   Largest Lotus owners forum.   (NB:- Registration required)

VX220 Owners Club     Premier resource for all things VX220.

Pistonheads   UK biggest motoring website + online community for car enthusiats.

Mazda UK     Mazda UKs site. Details and pics of the latest MX-5. (Please note we have absolutely no affiliation with Mazda UK and are completely independent.)  

Bourne Road Garage's   Mazda main dealer Bourne Road Garage's excellent site dedicated to the MX-5, particularly the Special Editions.   

Mazda Owners Club.   First port-of-call for all MX-5 enthusiasts. Of which I am a fully paid-up member! Highly recommended.   

Carl Baker - the alarm, sat-nav and ICE expert.    A really nice bloke who I am proud to count as a personal friend - whether he feels the same is another matter!  

Paul Bateman   Paul Bateman - the amateur snapper who provided our fabulous homepage pic and whose excellent and informative site is primarily dedicated to the MX-5 Mk3, but also has full details of all UK limited editions.   

AllchurchWeb   Our illustrious website designers. Wholeheartedly recommended, providing solutions for website design, advertising, video, photography, animation, Virtual Tours & more. Ask for Rex, another really nice guy. (Now if that doesn't get me a discount..)   

Rex Allchurch Music
What Rex does in his spare time when he's not providing website solutions. What spare time?... I hear him cry.